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Congratulations on the recent success of Beer Hug. Now you have a strong foundation of monthly recurring revenue and brand awareness, it's time to push on, and build a hugely successful business. I would relish the opportunity to be a part of that. I love building businesses and I love beer. So building a beer business is ideal.

There is a lot I don't know about both of you, Friends of Craft, and even your goals with this business. But I understand where you are in the journey and I have a strong appreciation for what I believe is needed to develop a highly profitable and enjoyable business that serves New Zealand craft beermakers.

I am operationally driven; I love process, systems, and structure. But only if it creates value and never to the detriment of efficiency. This passion means I have shared a lot of detail in this proposal. Some might call me verbose, but I consider it very important for Friends of Craft to understand how I might help in this next phase. But to get started, I thought you would appreciate this:

8th May 2020
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Dan Phillips
Friends of Craft
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Adam Prentice
Friends of Craft
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Hayden Judd

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For most businesses that need the base foundations

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For most businesses showing growth, but want to sustainability

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Our programs usually span six to eight weeks, with most clients opting for a single session each week. We are happy to condense this for our Foundation and Growth programs, however as our Accelerate program already requires more time and focus, we don't usually advise trying to condense it.

We have a strong concept of what your business needs and how we can help, below we have outlined the sessions that we recommend we cover with you. That said, we remain agile and adapt your program to your specific needs, pain points and where you want the most help. So please just use this as a guide, then through discovery, we will develop a backlog of sessions/focus areas that we continually prioritise as we spend time together.

Program expectations: 1.5 - 2 hours Sessions focusing on either the suggested domains below, or tailored based on your requirements that we uncover through discovery.
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We keep our agreements simple, governed by our mutually beneficial Service Agreement terms. Just complete this form and we are ready to go. If you are applying for NZTE Regional Business Partner funding, and rely on that to fund the program, we will not begin any work or hold you liable to this agreement until that funding is approved.
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Need to know a little more?

Some questions you may have

Here are just some of the FAQs you may have or want to consider.  If the question you have is not here, please just get in touch.

How is the service agreement structured?

We keep it simple and simply expect the same respect we give. We understand things change, so our contracts have a one month no-fault termination policy.

Who is best suited for's programs?

Honestly, nearly everyone. From startups looking to scale, or to established SMEs that want to improve their gross profit or look for an exit strategy. Our programs exist to easily help your business achieve its goals.

We often work with businesses that are just getting started and need to form their foundations. Other companies need to scale and are seeking to develop their capability.

Still not sure? Let's chat.

Can't I just scale my business myself?

Of course you can, but the #1 reason companies fail is they run out of money. It typically is not because the product or service fails – businesses just run out of time. programs are designed to help you grow quickly and sustainably. Plus, business ownership is emotional and we are there for the human, emotional side of running a business too.

Is our intellectual property safe?

Of course. We build long standing partnerships based on trust and respect. Whilst we bring our learnings from a wide range of clients, that's all we bring from them (and take). To be sure though, our contract includes a mutual NDA to protect us both.

If you would prefer to sign an NDA before the contract, no problems, just let us know.

How much time does it take?

Our typical programs are six to eight weeks with one session ~1.5 hours to 2 hours each week. This give us time to plan and prepare each week and to ensure you have time to cement our learnings each week.

At times, we are able to condense our programs down to four weeks. This requires a committed business and availability in our schedule.

What won't you help with?

Honestly, not much (in the business sense). We have been there and done that, so we are willing to tailor our support and program however you need to ensure your business grows - we bring a founder approach to working with you.

That said, we are here to provide support, advice and/or training. We are not able to implement the changes/advice for you. You have to do your own push ups.

What if we don't vibe with our consultant?

That's okay, we have a couple of spares. Seriously, it happens sometimes (and vice versa). You are only going to get the immense value we deliver if you are comfortable with your COO or Mentor. As with our values we just expect honest transparent communication and we will make sure we are all happy :-).

Worst case is we can break our contract with a one month notice. We don't build in large punitive break clauses because we start from a place of trust and respect (and we believe in the value you will receive).

What are your payment terms?

Our costs are provided here as exclusive of GST. We provide our service as contractors; we are not a large business serving a multitude of companies, so we hope you see us as an extension of your team and treat our invoicing almost as payroll. We will issue your invoice at the start of each month with payment due on the 20th of the month of invoicing.

If you are funding your program through NZTE Regional Business Partners Network. Then, once funding is approved, we will complete the program and NZTE will pay the invoice.


It has been a pleasure getting to know {{company}} and considering how we might work together to help take your company to the next level.

We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to deliver this program to you, and we are looking forward to learning more about {{company}} and fine tuning our value delivery as we go to help you excel.

Cheers and I look forward to hearing from you soon.