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Tactical.ly is pleased to present this proposal to you:

Dean and Adam,

Congratulations on the merger and creation of Reflection Pools 2020. I have enjoyed getting to know Adam and Kate and learning how I might be able to add some value to your growing business. Of course there is a lot I am still to learn about Reflection Pools 2020 and your goals and objectives for the short and long term, and I am also looking forward to meeting Dean. I believe I have a strong understanding of where you are in the journey and I have a good appreciation for what I believe is needed to develop a highly profitable and enjoyable business that enables you to corner the market in your industry.

I am operationally driven; I love process, systems, and structure. But only if it creates value and never to the detriment of efficiency. This passion means I have shared a lot of detail in this proposal. Some might call me verbose, but I consider it very important for Reflection Pools 2020 to understand how I might help in this next phase.

I believe that the foundations for success stem from high business performance that's established by the organisational architecture, and a focus on scalable growth, revenue and systems. I help develop, instill and document all of that. Moreover, I develop the systems to serve you now, but I design them for the future. This means the value delivered is still felt in years to come, long after our engagement together has finished.

I do all this for a monthly fee that is loosely based around an hourly rate. However my focus is on delivering strong value as I only work with companies I am passionate about. Simply put, you choose how much time you want me to spend (based on my recommendation, or your budget) and we tackle the highest priorities first, always moving your business forward.
Hayden Judd
Reflection Pools 2020 Proposal
2nd Sept 2020
Prepared for:
Dean Maclennan
Reflection Pools 2020
Prepared for:
Adam Williams
Reflection Pools 2020
Prepared by:
Hayden Judd
Core objectives
Guiding our engagement with proven frameworks

Performing while transforming

All businesses want to scale and grow – revenue, profitability and size. But your stress and workload doesn't need to scale too. Successful scale can be measured by the ability to grow and operate with optimal organisational performance – this is what enables robust and increasing profitability. We believe that focusing on a sustainable scalable growth (SSG) framework, alongside a focused organisational performance framework, are the key foundations for building long term business success.
Increase business performance and robustness

Review, redesign and improve disparate business functions to bring improved cash flow and profitability through increased revenue, increased efficiencies, high-performing service delivery, lowered cost of goods sold (COGS) and decreasing cost centres.

Flexible and adaptive leadership

Building your business starts with building your team. That means your leadership toolbox needs to be deep. We support your leadership with new tools and methodologies all designed to enable personal and career growth, fueled by a strong vision, values and purpose.

Build scalability and profitability through people

We ensure your business is underpinned by a world-class team and a tacit understanding of vision and purpose. That team is then supported by strong career development and personal growth frameworks, and a company culture that retains and attracts top talent.

Develop repeatable and scaleable sales and systems

Review and revise sales success metrics to design a strong tactical sales strategy.
After success is established, tested and validated through improved sales processes and market strategies with repeatable success, we develop a sales playbook for scaleability.

Leadership growth and owner happiness  

Guided by OKRs and KPIs, we work closely with business leaders to enable growth and skill development so they can perform in their roles. We develop a support structure for decision making and provide strong advisors for long term guidance, support and direction.

Ensure an authentic customer experience (CX) focus

A business can only scale if they truly focus on their customers. With a holistic view of customer acquisition and lifecycle, we advise and apply changes designed entirely around CX –from brand position through to customer processes, and the overall user experience.

Value vs expense

Options and budgets

We have considered these budgets based on what we know about Reflection Pools 2020 so far – your current position and desired growth. We seek to provide the highest value exchange possible for our subscriptions, becoming a pseudo co-founder of sorts, driving your business forward with every move. We are adaptable with our pricing models based on what level of focus you would like us to take. So as a starter for ten:
Per month, three month min contract
Weekly tactical planning and founder support sessions.
Monthly retrospective, and strategic planning sessions.
Discovery, execution and delivery of organisational performance development with SSG focus.
~15 hours p/m.
Backlog and implementation plan creation for future improvement initiatives.
Limited Slack / phone support
Support for the execs to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board. Response time limited to best efforts.
Per month, three month min contract
Weekly tactical planning and founder support sessions.
Monthly retrospective, and deeper strategic planning sessions.
Discovery, execution and delivery of organisational performance development with SSG focus.
~22 hours p/m.
Backlog and implementation plan creation for future improvement initiatives.
Prioritised Slack / phone support
Anytime support for the founders to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board (or to vent).
Per month, three month min contract
Weekly tactical planning and founder support sessions.
Monthly retrospective, and deeper strategic planning sessions.
Discovery, execution and delivery of organisational performance development with SSG focus.
~38 hours p/m.
Backlog and implementation plan creation for future improvement initiatives.
Prioritised Slack / phone support
Anytime support for the execs to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board.
What's the extra value

Value and discovery

The intent of this proposal is to provide value at scale by   adding capacity to execute on the uncovered and validated performance improvements.

Regardless of how we engage initially, we always seek to enable long term growth and value. Throughout our engagement we will detail a backlog of recommendations and actions with an implementation plan via a Kanban board. We will 'size' these actions and prioritise them with you in a value vs. effort matrix.

How long should we work Together?

Future state

Through our service provision our purpose is to create redundancy for ourselves, rather than reliance. We are strong believers in enablement over execution. So throughout our relationship, we will also be seeking ways to enable growth in others and helping you develop the right people, processes, systems and support network.

That said, we hope to remain in partnership with Reflection Pools 2020 for the foreseeable future. So after our first engagement, we can choose to either continue as is, or we can move to a low touch mentorship model.
Need to know a little more?

Some questions you may have

Here are just some of the FAQs you may have or want to consider.  We will cover anything and everything else when we meet to review the proposal together.

How is the service agreement structured?

We keep it simple and simply expect the same respect we give. Our agreements are usually made as good faith 'six-month rolling contracts'. But we understand things change, so our contracts have a one month no-fault termination policy.

Who is best suited for Tactical.ly's service?

Honestly, nearly everyone. From startups looking to scale, or to established SMEs that want to improve their gross profit or look for an exit strategy. Our Leadership Mentoring and COO as a service exist to easily help your executive team achieve improved organisational performance.

We often work with businesses that are just getting started and need operational excellence to form their foundations. Other companies need to scale and are building new internal teams. And others need to find the right GM or COO on a full-time basis and need help identifying what they will do, what the job description should look like, and who to hire.

Still not sure? Let's chat.

Can't I just scale my business myself?

Of course you can, but the #1 reason companies fail is they run out of money. It typically is not because the product or service fails – businesses just run out of time. Tacitcal.ly helps you grow quickly and sustainably. Plus, business ownership is emotional and we are there for the human, emotional side of running a business too.

Is our intellectual property safe?

Of course. We build long standing partnerships based on trust and respect. Whilst we bring our learnings from a wide range of clients, that's all we bring from them (and take). To be sure though, our contract includes a mutual NDA to protect us both.

If you would prefer to sign an NDA before the contract, no problems, just let us know.

Why not find a co-founder or hire another exec?

The person you likely need at this juncture of your journey, is the second or third most senior role in your business. To hire well, you need to consider the correct motivating package, which is costly from a cash + equity perspective. It's also a big move that requires the right foundations in place (which we can help you with you).

Without strong operational processes in place you can be severely impacted in the future as it relates to your people and culture, bookkeeping, financing, and business processes. A typical COO role can be between $200k-$250K plus equity packages, depending on the stage a company is at. This does not include the operational burden of hiring time, onboarding, and the cultural impact if they don’t work out.

What won't you help with?

Honestly, not much (in the business sense). We have been there and done that, so we are willing to help however you need to ensure your business grows - we bring a founder approach to working with you.

That said, should you require any assistance through a restructure or performance management of a team member, we will largely assist with the mechanics and mentor you through the delivery. If you want actual execution of these functions that can be arranged at an additional cost outside of our agreement.

What if we don't vibe with our consultant?

That's okay, we have a couple of spares. Seriously, it happens sometimes (and vice versa). You are only going to get the immense value we deliver if you are comfortable with your COO or Mentor. As with our values we just expect honest transparent communication and we will make sure we are all happy :-).

Worst case is we can break our contract with a one month notice. We don't build in large punitive break clauses because we start from a place of trust and respect (and we believe in the value you will receive).

What are your payment terms?

Our costs are provided here as exclusive of GST. We provide our service as contractors; we are not a large business serving a multitude of companies, so we hope you see us as an extension of your team and treat our invoicing almost as payroll. We will issue your invoice at the start of each month with payment due on the 20th of the month of invoicing.

Who will you work with?

As we have discussed this proposal is specifically for Reflection Pools 2020 and Hayden Judd (me :) to work together. However, we often bring in specialists for certain functions or for any subject matter expertise outside of my specific domain. I'll chat with you if I see a good opportunity to bring in Aidan or Rich - and it doesn't even cost you extra :)
Aidan Kenealy
Growth Strategist, COO and Mentor
In 2013, Aidan founded, grew, and sold EMGN.com, New Zealand’s fastest-growing and largest entertainment website – EMGN grew three-fold over three years. His expertise is helping small, high growth startups realise their vision for success.
Hayden Judd
Tactician, COO and Mentor
Hayden has successfully scaled three businesses into high-performing companies, in London, New York, and Auckland. He has a proven track record that is solidified by our values. Ultimately, Hayden listens and learns to thoughtfully uncover the fastest and best path to success.
Rich Poole
Business Advisory and Exit Strategist
Using his experience of 25 years of riding the business rollercoaster, including working in a family business, start-ups and negotiating a company sale to a Fortune 500 company, Richard helps other business owners and managers with their business needs and pain points.