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Let's get performing together

Tactical.ly are pleased to present this high-level proposal to you:

Mr Smith,

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Hayden Judd
Logo Proposal
13th December 2019
Hayden Judd Tactically Avatar
Prepared for:
Agent Smith
Hayden Judd Tactically Avatar
Prepared by:
Hayden Judd
A little Introduction

Delivering organisational performance

We often hear from small businesses and startups that focusing on organisational performance really isn't possible. With daily fires to put out, team issues to manage, and the ebbs and flows of revenue, it seems no matter how much you scale your team, there is no time to focus on this important domain. We understand. We have been there. But we also believe that focusing on organisational performance is critical for enabling any repeatable success you may hope for.

Small businesses are constantly trying to adapt, survive, perform and influence. However, they are not always successful. To better understand what they can or should change to improve their ability to perform, organisations need to look closely at the organisational architecture, their processes and their people, and how these pertain to their business performance.

But what does organisational performance actually mean? And why should you consider working with Tactical.ly to improve yours? High organisational performance is when the individual elements of your business seamlessly work together in harmony to achieve outstanding results. We believe these core elements can be boiled down to three main focus areas: motivation, external environment, and capacity and capability. When these areas are prioritised and given due focus, we move closer to an improved organisational performance that enables and encourages scalability, profitability and business stability.

As a small business, we know how hard it is to carve out time to focus on these areas. Enter Tactical.ly with our organisational performance framework – applied through COO as a service or overseen through Leadership mentoring – we can dramatically take your business forward with you.

What should we achieve together?

Core objectives

We are huge believers in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). One of our first initiatives would be to tailor dynamic OKRs for your business to guide our engagement together. That said, with quite a few years of building successful businesses under our belts, we have a strong feeling for the key objectives that would improve organisational performance at Logo.
Here is where we start

Organisational discovery sprint

This discovery sprint is an investigation into the sociotechnical systems of Logo; the intent is to uncover the specific areas of improvement for organisational performance gain. Tactical.ly follows a unique discovery framework that includes workshops, interviews, and immersion within your business:
Discovery Sprint
Executive workshops
Team interviews and workshops
Immersive engagement
Systems investigation
Understanding the financial position, forecasts and how they align to your mission are important. But based on your comfort, it can be delayed until the next phase.
Two week sprint
Ready to go?
Capacity and capability
We take a deep dive into your technology and financial systems (as deep as you are comfortable), your processes, how you structure reporting lines and support people growth. This is typically not demanding on your team's time – usually an hour or two of onboarding / walk throughs.
External environment
Immersively working in the business (approx. 10 hours) with your key team members and executives, we investigate the dynamics of your business environment. We look at the legal framework, administrative norms, how the political and economic environments affect business, and how the business is able to shift social and cultural attitudes within its teams.
Through workshops, 1-2-1s and ethnographic research applied at the company level, we look at the deeply ingrained motivators of the people and the business. This typically includes a two hour current state workshop with the execs, 30 minute team interviews (ideally with everyone), and a one hour team culture workshop.
What's the value

Outcomes and actions

From our experience, the real value comes from adding actual delivery capacity to execute on our recommendations (see options below). But let's focus on the value from this discovery sprint first. At the completion of the sprint we will detail a findings report, complete with a backlog of recommendations/actions and an implementation plan in a Kanban board. We 'size' these actions to help us prioritise them in a value vs. effort matrix.

This report and these actions can then be self-administered for your business performance enhancement and we can provide oversight and mentorship to help guide your growth. However, the biggest gains and results come from employing Tactical.ly as your COO (as a service). We then use our discovery findings as our initial backlog for prioritisation and delivery together.

What comes after discovery?

Get delivering on results

Based on Logo's needs and your objectives, the best value will be felt when we execute upon our discovery. That value lies in generating higher business performance and deep improvements for Logo. While we hate to use a cliché, it really is a no-brainer. We understand how difficult it is to find enough time in your day to get through everything, let alone carve out 50% of your attention for your ventures.

Our COO as a service brings an executive-level performer – for Logo that would be Hayden Judd – into your company, to help you with performance across the spectrum, but without the expense a full-time salary. Below we have provided three options we believe might be right for Logo.
Mentorship and oversight
Per month - Billed monthly in advance on a rolling three month-contract.
Up to 10 hours p/m mentorship
Oversight on performance gains from disovery backlog
Min 2 x 1 hour exec sessions p/m - focused exec support
Additional Slack / phone support
Commitment discount available for six months or longer contract.
Let's chat about this option
Boost - COO as a Service
Per month - Billed monthly in advance on a rolling three month-contract.
Up to 40 hours p/m COO support –delivering performance improvement
Focus on high-value, low-effort enhancements
Exec and/or team mentoring
Immersive C-level support across the business
Additional Slack / phone support
Anytime support for the execs to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board.
Let's chat about this option
Focus - COO as a Service
Per month - Billed monthly in advance on a rolling three month-contract.
Up to 80 hours p/m COO support –delivering performance improvement
Focus on prioritised highest-value enhancements, regardless of effort
Exec and/or team mentoring
Immersive C-level support across the business
Additional Slack / phone support
Anytime support for the execs to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board.
Let's chat about this option

Future state

Through our service provision, our function is to create redundancy for ourselves. We believe in enablement over execution So while we are delivering the change required at Logo, we will also be seeking ways to enable growth in others and developing processes and systems that make us mostly redundant.

That said, whether it be an initial three months or 12 months+ COOS engagement, there are a few ways we could continue to partner post that performance drive.
Rolling Twelve Month Board Advisor Engagement
Per month – Billed monthly in advance
Board Advisor - attending all Board meetings and complete actions/outputs from meetings
Monthly mentoring sessions (with Execs and/or team)
Slack and phone support for advice and guidance
Any and all other expected Board member requirements
Stability - COO as a Service
Per month – billed monthly in advance on a rolling six month contract. Available after initial 3 month engagement
Up to 30 hours p/m COO
support driving stability
This is like executive BAU, steadying the ship, overseeing the changes implemented, and helping grow the business. But there is no room for major initiative implementation in this engagement.
Enabling team support and growth
Exec and/or team mentoring
Immersive C-level support across the business
Additional Slack / phone support
Anytime support for the execs to bounce ideas, ideate or simply as a sounding board.
Need to know a little more?

Some questions you may have

Got more questions? Shoot Hayden an email, or give him a call.

Who is best suited for COO as a service?

Honestly, everyone. From recently funded startups looking to scale, or to established SMEs that want to improve their gross profit or look for an exit strategy. Our COO as a service exists to easily connect to your executive team to achieve improved organisational performance.

We often work with businesses that are just getting started and need operational excellence to form their foundations. Other companies need to scale and are building new internal teams. And others need to find the right GM or COO on a full-time basis and need help identifying what they will do, what the job description should look like, and who to hire.

Still not sure? Let's chat.

Can I just wait and do these when I have time?

The #1 reason companies fail is they run out of money. It typically is not because the product or service fails – businesses just run out of time. Organising the operational elements of the business early gives you the maximum time/runway to figure things out. If you are like most companies nobody wants to do the things on your operations list.

Is our intellectual property safe?

Of course. We build long standing partnerships based on trust and respect. Whilst we bring our learnings from a wide range of clients, that's all we bring from them (and take). To be sure though, our contract includes a mutual NDA to protect us both.

If you would prefer to sign an NDA before the contract, no problems. Just note it below and we will arrange.

Why not hire a full time COO?

This is usually the second most senior role in your business, and to hire well you need to consider the correct motivating package, which is costly from a cash + equity perspective. It's also a big move that requires the right foundations in place (which we can help or at least validate with you).

Without strong operational processes in place you can be severely impacted in the future as it relates to your people and culture, bookkeeping, financing, and business processes. A typical COO role can be between $250k-$350K and equity packages depending on the stage a company is at. This does not include the operational burden of hiring time, onboarding, and the cultural impact if they don’t work out.

What won't you help with?

Honestly, not much (in the business sense). We have been there and done that, so we are willing to help however you need to ensure your business grows.

That said, should you require any assistance through a restructure or performance management of a team member, we will largely assist with the mechanics and mentor you through the delivery. If you want actual execution of these functions that can be arranged at an additional cost outside of our agreement.

What if we don't vibe with our COO?

That's okay, we have a couple of spares. Seriously, it happens sometimes (and vice versa). You are only going to get the immense value we deliver if you are comfortable with your COO. As with our values we just expect honest transparent communication and we will make sure we are all happy :-).

Worst case is we can break our contract with a one month notice. We don't build in large punitive break clauses because we start from a place of trust and respect, (and we believe in the value you will receive).

Who will you work with?

Logo is ideally suited for our Founder and Chief Tactician, Hayden Judd (me :) - having been directly in the industry and built a few digital/creative agencies that have scaled, this is a perfect relationship. However, we often bring in specialists for certain workshops or for any subject matter expertise outside of individual domain. Hayden will chat with you early in the engagement if he sees a good opportunity to bring in Aidan or Rich - and it doesn't even cost you extra :)
Hayden Judd
Tactician, COO and Mentor
Hayden has successfully scaled three businesses into high-performing companies, in London, New York, and Auckland. He has a proven track record that is solidified by our values. Ultimately, Hayden listens and learns to thoughtfully uncover the fastest and best path to success.

Next steps, book a time to chat:

The best next steps are to get together and discuss the proposal above while getting to know each other a little more. Then we can easily agree commercials and ensure we have a solid mutual NDA in place, but that's the easy stuff.


It has been a pleasure getting to know you so far and I have enjoyed considering how we might work together. I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity and I would relish the chance to drive some change at Logo. I think you have built a superb business that I respect and admire, so to be apart of this next phase would be wonderful. Cheers and I look forward to speaking soon.