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Foundation training

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When it comes to building a successful business, it's never too late to focus on the foundations. We are here to help small businesses develop the right strategies, structures, systems and tools to set you up for success.

We provide sales and marketing training, business strategy and support to master the modern digital era, and organisational performance training programs designed to lift your overall business capability. Our coaching and mentoring programs help navigate your business into digital efficiency and high profitability.

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Helping you grow in this demanding environment

Tactical and strategic advice, support and training

Growing a business is tricky, and in this ever changing business landscape it's even harder than ever (thanks Covid-19!). We help you navigate areas that are perhaps outside of your skillset and we enable knowledge growth that you can apply to your business. These programmes and services are designed to build capability to help you achieve your objectives (or just to get through these tricky times).
Getting your business humming

Beachhead Growth

We love Kiwi towns, from Mangawhai to Motueka, and some of the best Kiwi businesses have come from them. Regional startups and small business are hugely important for fueling our economy and helping NZ towns prosper. We think every small business should be given a little help to succeed (not just the Auckland ones!).

Through our Beachhead Growth program, we look to strengthen your strategy, value proposition, market reach, brand positioning, cash flow and financial management capabilities, sales and organisational systems, business continuity plans and we help improve your digital capability.

Beachhead Growth is perfect for small businesses looking to increase their market share, or get through tough times (thanks again Covid-19!)*

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* We are an NZTE Regional Business Partner and your business could qualify for a capability voucher, funding this boost to your company.

Systems, tools and structure

Digital Direction

Navigating the ever changing digital world is almost a full time job in itself. We advise small businesses on how to harness the correct tools and use them in the correct way, so they can succeed.

We develop your digital capability and take a holistic view of building and implementing a digital tooling strategy to suit your business. From ensuring you have a user-centric web presence that is optimised for customer conversion through systems like Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course your website, all the way to leveraging strong internal tools and systems like business intelligence (BI), data and analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial management systems.

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Holistic digital strategy

Digital Strategy

A successful customer experience driven website strategy is achieved when you focus on three core objectives –supporting the users, supporting the business and driving customer conversion and revenue. Done well, those three components are seamlessly intertwined with the end result being a beautiful market-leading website.

We take a holistic approach in helping our customers build marketing or ecommerce websites; we ensure your strategies are user-centric, and that your design has a modern aesthetic that will appeal to your target market. This is all done under the umbrella of aligning your strategies with your overall business objectives whilst building efficiency into your workflows.

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Sales Capability Coaching

Through our Sales Capability Coaching, we provide immersive sales coaching, training and support. This is not just about classroom training, we become an extension of your sales team with a focus on enablement through embedded coaching. We meet you and your team where you are at, and we tailor our coaching service to suit you, your product or service offering and of course, your customers. The end goal is to improve performance and profitability through your sales team.

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A Simple value PROPOSITION

How we engage with new clients

Our Foundation training services have been specially crafted to serve small Kiwi businesses that are looking to develop reliable revenue and robust businesses. To see if our training programs are right for you, we start with a coffee, call or Zoom – it's as easy as that (and we love meeting new people).
Here's how it works:

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We love helping people and businesses build capability. We'd love to help you bridge some of your current knowledge gaps and propel your business forward. Get in touch today for a chat.

Looking for longer term consultancy support? Check out our performance services.

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We are also a Regional Business Partner, so you may qualify for 50% capability funding or 100% of Covid-19 support funding of our services.