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Leadership mentoring

The success of SMEs and startups comes firstly and primarily from their people. Supporting your people and growing their capability to help ensure they are performing to their highest potential is one of the most important functions that any business owner must do. But with so many demands on your time, can you give it the real attention it needs? delivers leadership mentoring with a dedicated focus on where you need the support most.

WHat do you need?

How we can help

Our consultants can expertly contribute to the growth of your people throughout your business. We mentor sales/business development teams and operations/support teams, provide leadership training to senior leadership teams, and we can directly support you with executive mentoring and coaching.

Combined with our COO as a Service offering, we can help build a sustainable structure around how you develop your people and culture. Our purpose is to bring overall improved organisational performance and profitability to your business; our mission is to help develop better humans who seek continued personal growth.
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Why would you listen to us?

Worldly experience

  • Our mentors have been founders, CEOs and business owners throughout London, New York and Auckland – all with impressive growth track records.
  • We understand that SMEs and startups face a whole raft of issues (that enterprise businesses don't even have to deal with), and we have been through (most) of the challenges you are facing.
  • But we know that you are the expert of your business. So we give you advice where we can and perspective from our experience – fresh angles with new eyes, to provide you with the clarity for success.
Our Values
You + US

A framework to successful mentoring

We are commonly asked to engage with a business for a set period, to resolve particular issues – but maybe you're unsure of where we should start. We'd say start with a coffee, but you can also check out how we often work:
Seeking to Understand

Leadership discovery sprint

This sprint is designed to seek understanding of what your business leadership and mentorship requirements are. Through workshops, ethnographic research and interviews with your team while immersed in your business, we learn all the ebbs and flows uncovering any gaps. We agree our area of focus together, but typically we look deeply at your organisational performance as delivered through your people and culture

• 1-2 hours executive workshop
• Select team interviews
• Business immersion, bizdev, client and company meetings

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Just a little help

Hourly based mentorship

This adhoc service is designed to enable leadership support as and when you need it.

• Periods of growth
• Annual reviews
• Appraisal support
• Development of new leadership team
• Change in vision, mission, strategy
• Team leavers needing assistance
• Restructure
• General support

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Focused Boost

Three month engagement

This three month leadership boost will help your business focus on a particular project or phase, or help you get through a challenging period. It's just long enough to build some strong value and create actionable change for your business

• Up to 10 hours per month of leadership and mentorship
• Strategically applied based on requirements
• 2 x 1 hour check-ins per month (with Execs)
• Remaining hours spread through the business as identified and/or achieving specific outcome

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Driving Change

Six month engagement

Our six month engagement model is about driving sustainable change in your business. It's ideal for supporting a newly minted sales strategy, freshly developed (or changed) leadership layer or perhaps a new executive hire. Through this level of mentorship, you can expect to feel like you have additional executive level support within the business (but without paying the full time salary!). The goal is to enable growth through capability building, allowing you to achieve your strategic goals.

• Up to 10-15 hours per month of leadership/mentorship
• Initial discovery period and prioritisation of focus
• 2 x 1 hour check-ins per month (with Execs)
• Remaining hours spread through the business as identified through discovery

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Partnership Engagement

Twelve month engagement

This is for those business owners who understand the value of outside perspective and strive to grow. Through this long term engagement, you will have continual on-call/email support to help with decision-making and ideation anytime you need it. We deliver a structured approach to leadership mentoring where ever you require it within your business. We seek to help grow and develop both you and your team to reach your objectives.

• 10-15 hours per month of leadership/mentorship
• Initial five hour discovery period and prioritisation of focus
• 2 x 1 hour check ins per month (with Execs)
• Remaining hours spread through the business as identified through discovery
• Anytime support through Slack, Email and Phone

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Have a chat and coffee on us

We are always up for a coffee or a call and we are happy to help in any way we can. So give us a call for a chat, or just go ahead and book a coffee!