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Business's success comes firstly and primarily from their people. Supporting your people and growing their capability to help ensure they are performing to their highest potential is one of the most important functions that any business owner must do. But with so many demands on your time, can you give it the real attention it needs? delivers leadership mentoring with a dedicated focus on where you need the support most.

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How we can help

Our consultants can expertly contribute to the growth of your people throughout your business. We mentor sales/business development teams and operations/support teams, provide leadership training to senior leadership teams, and we can directly support you with executive mentoring and coaching. Our mission is to help develop every human we work with by building capability and personal growth.
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Worldly experience

  • Our mentors have been founders, CEOs and business owners throughout London, New York and Auckland – all with impressive growth track records.
  • We understand that SMEs and startups face a whole raft of issues (that enterprise businesses don't even have to deal with), and we have been through (most) of the challenges you are facing.
  • We know that you are the expert of your business. So we give you advice where we can and perspective from our experience – fresh angles with new eyes, to provide you with the clarity for success.
Our values
' provided us with spot on business advice, tools to analyse our plans, methods to improve our financial planning, clarity of thinking and mentorship to help us move forward with confidence to make the best decisions to develop our business.'
Kiri avatar for review on
Kiri Eriwata
Song Conversations
' has drastically improved our business performance - We have seen huge gains in our revenue generation with better business development processes and systems.'
Alessandro Benintende Headshot
Ale Benintende
Nero Motion
'Hayden is extremely gifted and knowledgeable within his field and has provided me with a multitude of sound-advice in the short time working with him. I recommend Hayden’s services to anyone looking to increase their knowledge and business strategy.'
Hamish Nutall avatar for review on
Jeneva Snodgrass
Landmark Homes
'Hayden has been supporting the growth and operations of Ghost Street. His assistance and knowledge have been invaluable to our company, providing mentoring, advice and practical solutions as the company has doubled in size.'
Richard Stone avatar for review on
Tim Dawson
Ghost Street
' has been an amazing source of inspiration and common-sense advice on how to scale and optimise my business. Hayden's practical knowledge of financial models has helped me reposition our services and make critical operational changes. My business is already growing, thanks to Hayden’s help!'
Darren Murray avatar for review on
Theresa Brady
Creative Content
'We engaged with to both be an advisor and to help us build a formal advisory panel designed to bring growth and success to BetterSaver 2.0. The support and advice has been incredible.'
Joe Taylor avatar for review on
Joe Taylor
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A framework to successful mentoring

We commonly engage with a month to month mentoring service for general support - or for a set period to resolve particular issues – but maybe you're unsure of where we should start. We'd say start with a Zoom or a coffee, but check it out here:

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We love helping people and businesses build capability. Is there something new you could learn to improve your business? Let's h‍ave a chat. Or check out our performance and digital services.

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We are also a Regional Business Partner, so you may qualify for 50% capability funding or 100% of Covid-19 support funding of our services.
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