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Organisation design

Modern day sports have evolved into highly strategic gameplay. Coaches look at their players and opponents, then choose the most effective style, formation and tactics, but they remain agile and adapt as the game unfolds.

The same rings true for business – successful modern organisations need to move fast, they gather continuous feedback from customers to fuel disruptive innovation and they practice continuous discovery and delivery. However, success can only be realised with complete sociotechnical harmony, brought about by conscious, careful and continuous organisational design. We can help you with this.

What is Organisation Design?

How can it help you?

Organisation design is about shaping your business to reduce costs, drive strong, sustainable growth and build long term business and people performance.

Through a proven methodology which identifies potential improvements across business systems, workflows, policies and practices, a refreshed organisation design, when implemented well, will bring holistic alignment to your business to help you achieve your strategies.

How we do it

An adaptable framework

Our team have proven success in building high-performing businesses around the globe, with our concept of continuous organisation design. We apply an adaptable framework that is discovery-led, meaning we only do whats right for your business, but the building blocks remain the same.
Organisation Design Overview
Man conducting discovery sprint for organisation design
So where to start

Discovery in to delivery

We can't design change if we don't first understand the current state. We begin together with an organisation design discovery sprint. This is an investigation into the sociotechnical systems of your business, your current pain points and a deep dive into your strategy and vision. follows a unique discovery framework that includes workshops, interviews and immersion within your business. We uncover key areas for growth and improvement with a mind to transforming the operational performance and profitability of your business. Only after discovery do we consider any change. Based on the findings of discovery, this usually means a three to six month roll out period.
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We know this can be a lot...

So let's just chat and see if in fact, organisation design is even the right thing for your business right now.

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