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Organisational performance

High organisational performance is when your business is simply humming. Revenue generation is easy, your systems and processes are seamlessly harmonious, your team is happy and high-performing, and you are rarely stressed.

When a focused organisational performance framework is applied to a business, growth is enabled by better revenue generation, scalability, profitability and business stability. However, as a small business, we know how hard it is to carve out time to focus on these areas, so that's where we come in.

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How we do it

Modern organisational performance framework

Over the past 20 years our team have successfully built high-performing businesses around the globe. This has culminated in an organisational performance framework for the modern business landscape. We apply this adaptable framework through a discovery-led approach, meaning we only do what's right for your business, but the building blocks and core objectives remain true.
Increase business performance and robustness

We review, redesign and improve disparate business functions to bring improved cash flow and profitability through increased revenue, increased efficiencies, high-performing service delivery, lowered cost of goods sold (COGS) and decreasing cost centres.

Flexible and adaptive leadership

Building your business starts with building your team. That means your leadership toolbox needs to be deep. We support your leadership with new tools and methodologies all designed to enable personal and career growth, fueled by a strong vision, values and purpose.

Build scalability and profitability through people

We ensure your business is underpinned by a world-class team and a tacit understanding of vision and purpose. That team is then supported by strong career development and personal growth frameworks, and a company culture that retains and attracts top talent.

Develop repeatable and scaleable sales and systems

Review and revise sales success metrics to design a strong tactical sales strategy.
After success is established, tested and validated through improved sales processes and market strategies with repeatable success, we develop a sales playbook for scaleability.

Leadership growth and owner happiness  

Guided by OKRs and KPIs, we work closely with business leaders to enable growth and skill development so they can perform in their roles. We develop a support structure for decision making and provide strong advisors for long term guidance, support and direction.

Ensure an authentic customer experience (CX) focus

A business can only scale if they truly focus on their customers. With a holistic view of customer acquisition and lifecycle, we advise and apply changes designed entirely around CX –from brand position through to customer processes, and the overall user experience.

How we deliver

Value and discovery

We take a dual track approach to applying organisational performance enhancements to any business. We begin with a focus on solving your current (known) pain points. Then whilst delivering this value, we are simultaneously discovering, investigating and validating fresh performance and growth improvements that will yield strong results.

We then rinse and repeat – focusing on delivering prioritised enhancements, whilst continually cultivativating a backlog of recommendations and actions, and an implementation plan via a Kanban board.
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A fair value exchange

We take a Netflix style approach to our service offering, charging an ongoing monthly fee as we apply these performance enhancements to your business. No lengthy contracts, just great relationships with pleasing results.

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