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Digital transformation = Yogurt...

How is #DT yogurt?

Leroy Clarke



Digital transformation = Yogurt...

Good title right? And you are probably wondering... Yogurt... How is #DT yogurt?

Let me explain.

16th of May 2019 the Accelerate event held at AUT had a number of amazing speakers discussing; the human condition (Human), Security in the modern landscape (Aura Information Security), the reality of Digital Assistance with Faceme, and the 4th industrial revolution (Internet 4.0).

Fascinating discussion and Speakers like Victor Yuen unpacking how the error of digital is TRUELY engaging people in different ways. This visual display and discussion by Doug Roble on how Motion capture has evolved. Expands on how quickly this technology is expanding.

But back to #DigitalTransformation... During the panel discussion, I wanted to ask a question. Initially, my question was going to be: Who is responsible for effecting change within an organisation?

As the discussion developed and the panel got to discuss their views on how the industry needs to do more to lead the requirements of Education, and we got a short explanation on unschooling, they basically answered my question. And the answer is... Drum roll... me, or you but the responsibility is on yourself.

Pretty annoying having the primary initiator of change being placed back in the reflection, so to try and deflect some of the responsibility I asked a different question.

What do you see as the primary way or reason that Digital Transformations can be successful?

Along with the all the great commentary such as, leadership dedicating to the change, having leaders who have successfully navigated a digital initiative before, Victor came up with one of the best analogies I have heard to date.

"Successful Digital Transformation is like Good Yogurt."

A murmur of disbelief swept the crowd. But, with such a metaphor from a supremely intelligent person, we waited.

He went on to say.

To get delicious yogurt you have must include 3 things; a warm encouraging environment; time but most importantly, a dash of... wait for it.


I thought this analogy was excellent and worth discussion.

Culture is something that everyone talks about, but very few companies can create. Something about the organic nature of company culture means it takes a lot of effort from multiple parties to foster but creates the right environment for change to eventuate.

Google have entire teams dedicated to maintaining individuals happiness and subsequent productivity.

Fantastic event run by the Accelerate team and I can't wait for the next event later this year.

If you have other opinions on what you see as a significant factor in successful Digital Transformation initiatives I would love to hear your thoughts!


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