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Bringing high performance to a distributed workforce agency

Creative Content

Providing performance consulting, digital product strategy, and leadership mentoring to thrive.

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I wholeheartedly recommend Tactical.ly's services

Bringing high performance to a distributed workforce agency

Creative Content

Creative Content, a content marketing agency, had been operating for years when the pandemic of 2020 threatened its strength and resilience. They brought in Tactical.ly to help them through the pressures of the pandemic and ensure they were in a robust position to survive difficult times. Tactical.ly provided performance consulting, digital product strategy, and leadership mentoring. With Tactical.ly’s work and support, Creative Content not only weathered the pandemic but became more efficient and productive, transitioning to a high-performing distributed workforce agency and enjoying increased sales and an overall boost to their bottom line as a key result.

Seeing strain…and responding quickly

Creative Content has been around since 2014, spearheaded by Theresa Brady, a highly creative and client-focused content marketer and entrepreneur. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the content marketing world, she has been able to develop a range of successful content strategies that have helped many businesses reach their goals. As a result, her passion for content marketing has been contagious, and she has been a driving force in the industry's success over the years. With her commitment to delivering quality content and her dedication to helping businesses achieve their objectives, Theresa Brady has established Creative Content as a leading authority in the content marketing space.

Theresa connected with Tactical.ly in the early throes of the pandemic, understanding that Creative Content needed support to become stronger and more resilient to the various pressures of the pandemic, especially if similar periods of distress were to rear their head in the future. She was determined to ensure that her business was in the best position possible to survive such difficult times. With the help of Tactical.ly, she was sure she could achieve her goals, and ultimately build a business that was more prepared than ever for any economic crisis.

At Tactical.ly, we offer a suite of services to help organisations like Theresa and the Creative Content team succeed. We tailored our approach for Creative Content to focus on performance consulting, digital product strategy and leadership mentoring.

From performing to high-performance

Tactical.ly worked with the Creative Content team to help them to develop a performance-oriented mindset, build out a digital product strategy that was in line with their goals, and create a team culture that was conducive to success. Through the hard work of the Creative Content team and our guidance, the team was able to improve their performance and gain a better understanding of where they sit in the business landscape, leading to increased sales and an overall boost to their bottom line.

In order to successfully manage their distributed workforce, Tactical.ly provided guidance on best practices for effective team communication, collaboration, and accountability. This included setting up appraisal and feedback systems, establishing clear goals and timelines, as well as providing a framework for the leadership to provide supportive recognition in a timely manner. As a result, the Creative Content team was able to operate more efficiently and productively, leading to improved performance and results.

The team also had access to our suite of performance-based tools and templates, which allowed them to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. This enabled them to quickly and accurately measure their business performance, and make the necessary changes, as guided by Tactical.ly, to reach their goals.

Finally, our team provided regular coaching and mentoring to the Creative Content team, helping them to stay on track and remain focused on their objectives. Through this process, Creative Content was able to achieve their desired outcomes, and successfully transition to a high-performing distributed workforce.

With the help of Tactical.ly, Theresa and Creative Content were able to benefit not only from additional firepower to deliver change within the company, but also from mentorship and support. Having someone to speak with regularly, and to seek advice from, was invaluable to Theresa, as running a business can often be a lonely experience.

'Having Tactical.ly on our side was the best thing we could have done. Not only did they provide invaluable advice and guidance, but they also gave us the confidence to know that we were making the right decisions for our business.'

We have had a great time getting to know Creative Content and being part of the team. As part of our involvement, we provided Theresa with support and advice to help her make the best decisions for her business. When a long lockdown began, we went above and beyond and worked together to create a new website for Creative Content. We also took the time to re-examine their value proposition and build something even better with them. It was a pleasure for us to take part in such an amazing project.

Lessons for success

External events, out of our control, do happen! Creative Content saw they needed help to respond to the pressures of an unexpected pandemic, and ended up not only getting through the pandemic, but coming out the other side with a high-performing, more successful business. It doesn’t take a global event to achieve that, though. Any business can become a high-performing business that enjoys higher profits, and finding a support like Tactical.ly that understands and then acts can be key for getting you there.

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Theresa Brady
Theresa Brady
Creative director
Creative Content
My business is already growing, thanks to Tactical.ly's help! I wholeheartedly recommend this service to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.

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