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Levelling up Huntaway’s digital maturity and strategy


Having assessed Huntaway's digital maturity, we developed, prioritised and delivered upon a roadmap that brought discernible growth to Huntaway.

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The advice and experience were invaluable as we scaled our business

Levelling up Huntaway’s digital maturity and strategy


Huntaway is a young e-commerce business that produces and sells raw venison dog food directly to discerning customers in the USA. With its pillars of sustainability, convenience and nutrition, a beautiful and considered brand, and hundreds of very happy dog customers, Huntaway had an excellent product, value proposition, and smooth business operations. However, on the digital side, it was not living up to the promise of its products and brand. With immediate digital needs that needed action and the identified need to create a proper digital strategy, Huntaway extended its working relationship with Tactical.ly to incorporate these areas.

Tactical.ly kicked things off with Huntaway with a discovery sprint, where we assessed the current digital maturity of Huntaway, envisioned where it wanted to be, and identified where the gaps were between the two states. We then came up with a list of ideas to close these gaps, defined what success would look like in each area, and used these to form a backlog of tasks that could be prioritised and actioned, forming the base of a new digital strategy for Huntaway that was responsive and flexible yet still focused on the bigger picture.

During the time we delivered upon this strategy, Tactical.ly achieved the following for Huntaway:

  • CRM software implementation – Huntaway’s existing CRM didn’t allow for quality customer segmentation, communication or reporting. We established and implemented a new CRM that was able to better respond to these needs and integrated this with the backend of their e-commerce website to ensure we had quality customer data to help us with marketing efforts and decision-making.
  • Data measurement – Huntaway was missing out on valuable data in places and not benefitting fully from the data it was measuring in others. We refreshed its Google Tag Manager (GTM)/Google Analytics (GA) implementation and e-commerce measurement, and installed Hotjar to gain better understanding of how customers use and experience its e-commerce website.
  • Reporting – Huntaway had no formal reporting on its digital initiatives, including its marketing initiatives. We built out highly visual and beautiful reports in Data Studio, including a continuous data flow and monthly snapshots, that gave both high-level and highly detailed views and understanding of how Huntaway’s products and initiatives were performing.
  • Digital communication – there was an immediate need for a cohesive, considered and regular approach to customer communication. We performed a customer segmentation exercise, and built out and implemented automated digital communications that reflected the onboarding journeys experienced by those different segments. We also developed a communication strategy and campaign calendar of regular digital communications designed to engage Huntaway’s customers and leads. This saw revenue from digital communications jump from virtually nothing to approximately 10% of Huntaway’s annual revenue.
  • Customer funnel development – Huntaway had ideas about who its customers were and what sort of experience they may wish to have, but this was not formalised and was based more on instinct than data. With improved data measurement and reporting in place, we were able to test and either validate or invalidate those assumptions, and go on to create a customer funnel diagram – a very in-depth, highly expanded version – showing where different customers came from, how they experienced Huntaway, how they returned or didn’t to Huntaway, where the touchpoints were with them and what touchpoints were most effective for them, and what level of brand equity and loyalty Huntaway had earned with them (or was capable of earning).
  • UX – Huntaway’s website was aesthetically pleasing but was underperforming, for both Huntaway and its customers. When Huntaway was looking to introduce new products to its market, the time was ripe to redesign the website to perform as a highly functional e-commerce website with an excellent user experience. We researched best practice in e-commerce UX and created a new IA, along with hi-fi wireframes that were designed to deliver upon the new UX. This saw sales increase by over 50%, orders increase by over 80%, and the conversion rate increase by over 30% (compared to the same time period in the previous year) – even though comparable marketing spend was significantly lower.
  • To close out our work, we developed an ongoing digital strategy that was designed to build upon the work we had delivered and the solid base we had established. This encompassed the next stages of a successful e-commerce business, including recommendations and tactics around establishing and implementing a formal loyalty programme; a rewards, offers and discount strategy; continuing to refine and further understand Huntaway’s customers; and continuing to improve data measurement, reporting and actions, including GA4 implementation.

Tactical.ly initially proposed a three month engagement to resolve Huntaway’s immediate digital needs. By the end of that initial 3 months, those immediate digital needs had been responded to and a coherent, considered strategy had been developed and agreed upon – but with nobody in the business able to deliver upon that strategy, we agreed to continue our engagement to ensure Huntaway’s digital presence lived up to and delivered upon the promise of its product and brand.

In just under a year of working with Huntaway on their digital strategy, we were able to transform its high-level vision into detailed requirements and then prioritise and action those; build out a digital roadmap and deliver upon that; capture and use quality data to inform our decision-making; create an environment in which the customer experience is top of mind for all stakeholders; establish and implement a much deeper and more sophisticated customer knowledge base, segmentation and create digital strategies to specifically engage those segments; and put in place all the tools that enabled such initiatives. The numbers speak for themselves – in every area Tactical.ly touched, revenue has increased, conversion has increased, orders have increased, and most importantly, Huntaway has an in-depth understanding of why and how this happened, and what to do next to continue that positive momentum.

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Cam Mathias
Cam Mathias
The advice and experience were invaluable as we scaled our business…we look forward to working with Tactical.ly again on future projects.

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