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Growth and maturity for leading agency

Web Antler

Transforming a high-performance digital marketing agency into a high-performance business.

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Tactical.ly is accelerating our transformation

Growth and maturity for leading agency

Web Antler

Since its inception in 2016, Web Antler has steadily grown, due to its highly valued and sought-after digital marketing expertise. However, founder Braden Dawson identified that his own business wasn't performing optimally for his team. He knew change was necessary and decided to seek advice and support to help his business transform, while still delivering high value for their clients.

Web Antler is a high performance digital marketing agency. It is small but nimble, with a diverse range of clients. Web Antler has a strong reputation in the industry for delivering positive results for their clients, with a wide array of services including SEO, SEM, content development, social media, conversion and optimisation.

Web Antler had heard about the positive results Tactical.ly had delivered for another client, so got in touch to see how we could help them through this transformational phase of growth. They were in the process of hiring a General Manager, but knew they needed to get the structure and organisational design right to enable success in that role. Braden had also identified that there were many other internal improvements needed to help grow the team and the business. Knowing that Tactical.ly‘s performance consultancy had a unique framework and the expertise to help in these exact ways, he engaged us in a business advisory role.

As Web Antler’s business advisors and performance consultants, Tactical.ly first developed a fair and motivating package for the General Manager, which was designed to reward their contribution and ability to support the team's growth. We also focused on the foundations needed to enable a successful integration into the business by the General Manager, and a strong and positive partnership between the Managing Director and General Manager. Tactical.ly established:

  • A clear role definition and remuneration package for the GM
  • Initial OKRs through to the new financial year
  • Executive remuneration structure across the business
  • Profit share system and structure
  • A company wide RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted and informed) system
  • Executive principles to guide the leadership team
  • Board and executive strategy and accountability reporting and meeting structure

With the new General Manager in place and established, we continued our business advisory role with a strong emphasis on business performance. During our discovery and foundation phase, we identified more than 100 key initiatives that would significantly improve Web Antler's and the team's performance.

Given Web Antler already have a well-defined value proposition and ability to provide great value to their clients, our focus is now on team motivation and career development, as well as increasing profitability.

With a deep understanding of the business and the initiatives backlog in place, Tactical.ly is advising, overseeing, and guiding the delivery of those initiatives to increase business performance. To date, we have:

  • Developed a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool set that allows Web Antler to forecast and understand their future state and financial opportunities
  • Developed a business and board reporting system for deep insights and action analysis at the strategic level
  • Systematised and documented the business rhythm to allow for complete transparency over major activities that happen each year, such as annual appraisals, pay reviews, strategic sessions, OKR development, and more
  • Designed and documented the annual appraisal process and system, including peer review forms and self review forms for deeper, more meaningful reviews
  • Reviewed and advised on streamlining and optimising all operational financial activities, from invoicing and debtor management to reconciliation and GST management.

We have seen a significant improvement in business optimisation at Web Antler since we began our performance consulting and advisory sessions supporting the MD and GM. The long term results will be measurable through the years, but for now, the team is seemingly more motivated and has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. They now have a better understanding of how the company will operate throughout the year. Furthermore, they have transparency regarding the business growth and how it aligns with their career growth and pay reviews.

We are proud of the start we have made so far with Web Antler. Our next focus is realigning the vision, mission, and values to better represent Web Antler's current and future state. We are also defining OKRs for the team and business to help propel Web Antler into the new financial year. On a monthly basis, we continue to prioritise and deliver the backlog of performance initiatives to help Web Antler become more profitable and scalable.

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Braden Dawson
Braden Dawson
Web Antler
Hayden and the Tactical.ly team have greatly helped accelerate our transformation into a bigger and better business. They have designed strong and fresh concepts to enable our team's growth and the growth of our business. We truly appreciate all of their advice and support.

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