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Temporary GM and Lead Project Manager at your service!

Ghost Street

Providing an effective interim solution, managing projects and providing broader leadership support.

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Hayley and Hayden bring fantastic energy to the team

Temporary GM and Lead Project Manager at your service!

Ghost Street

Ghost Street, an interactive digital studio based in New Zealand, asked Tactical.ly to lead their company and projects while their General Manager was away. Tactical.ly provided an effective interim solution, managing the range of projects and providing broader leadership support to the team. The client was very satisfied with the results, and Tactical.ly continues to mentor and consult with Ghost Street to refine their organisational performance and support their growth.

Keeping the wheels turning

Ghost Street has been working with Tactical.ly since 2019, receiving ongoing consulting and mentorship with the goal of growing the company into a highly efficient, creative and performing company. As a digital studio based in New Zealand, with local and international clients, Ghost Street innovates, builds and supports digital solutions in an environment that can be pressured. This work requires consistent and effective project management and strong client communication, along with supportive people management to ensure everyone in the company is happy and healthy.

Ghost Street’s General Manager, Richard Stone, was getting ready to go on paternity leave and needed to be sure the business, its projects, its clients, and its people were all in good hands so he could relax and enjoy his new baby, knowing he would return to a company that was running as effectively as if he’d never been gone. To achieve this, Ghost Street asked Tactical.ly to lead the company and all their projects during his absence.

A convenient interim solution

Tactical.ly offered a strong interim solution for Ghost Street, leading the company and all their projects when their General Manager was away. As Lead Project Manager, Tactical.ly managed the array of projects that Ghost Street had in progress, including some large-scale and complex enterprise products. Our in-depth knowledge of digital performance and leadership enabled us to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of the objectives, deliverables, and stakeholders of the projects, allowing us to provide effective management and guidance of the team to ensure eventual successful delivery. Our expertise in these areas also enabled us to provide valuable insight into the potential challenges which may be encountered during the course of the projects, and to ensure that any necessary steps were taken to mitigate them. With our skill and dedication to the task, we were able to ensure that the projects were completed to the highest of standards.

During this period Tactical.ly also acted as the interim General Manager for Ghost Street, tasked with providing wider leadership support to the team. This included taking the time to ensure that all of their needs were met and that they had the necessary resources to focus on their work. We worked to provide them with a supportive environment and regularly check in with them to ensure their concerns were heard and addressed. On top of that, we provided guidance and direction when needed, helping the team stay on track and remain productive. Our goal was to create an atmosphere in which everyone could thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Deeper value beyond the everyday

While we took great pride in maintaining Ghost Street’s projects and making sure they stayed on schedule, within budget, and meeting client expectations, we believe that the real value of our work for Ghost Street was the knowledge and insights that we gained into how they could better manage and deliver projects in the future. We took these insights and fed them into our usual consulting backlog, and then worked with Ghost Street to put the initiatives into practice over the coming months. We see this as the most valuable outcome of our time as interim GM and Lead Project Manager and understand it to have had a long-lasting and positive impact on the way Ghost Street now delivers projects.

Ghost Street was extremely pleased with the results, with one of the team members noting: “[Tactical.ly] were invaluable in providing us with the support, direction and leadership we needed to complete our projects successfully and on time.”

We continue to mentor and consult with Ghost Street, refining their organisational performance and supporting their growth. We check in and help them iterate on their project management, and they have achieved such a strong position that they continue to deliver excellent results for their clients.

Lessons for success

No matter how large a business, or how good its systems, processes and internal communications are, any extended period of leave from a senior leader can seem daunting for the business and the person preparing for leave. This goes double for environments where clients are being affected. Any organisation can set itself up for success by working with a consultant such as Tactical.ly to understand the risks and primary areas of need that are associated with extended leave, and ensure someone with expertise, confidence, understanding and (very importantly) capacity can smoothly step into this gap to minimise impact on everyone.

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Tim Dawson
Tim Dawson
Creative director
Ghost Street
Hayley and Hayden bring fantastic energy to the team, they both have upbeat personalities and a wide-range skill set and experience that have made Tactical.ly an ideal partner to help propel Ghost Street forward. I highly recommend tactical.ly if you are looking to improve revenue and performance.

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